Blue Days x Indigo People

Indigo People’s concept is based on the love for authentic craftsmanship and the beauty of natural indigo.
They combine artisanal skills with contemporary design to create unique products for indigo lovers.
Every single piece is manually woven and dyed in natural indigo by passionate artisans following their long traditions.

 Together with Indigo People we have designed two amazing shoes for autumn winter 2017.
We combined the design from our brogue collection with hand-woven textiles dyed with natural indigo.

The result, a unique collaboration of true craftsmanship and natural products for the perfect shoes.

Blue Days x Daily Bags

Daily Bags is a denim brand specialised in patchwork handcrafted goods.
Each bag is unique and handmade out of deconstructed jeans in different shades of blue,
combined with a wide range of high-quality fabrics and leathers.

Our collaboration with Daily Bags started due to our common love for denim.
We decided to provide Daily Bags with the leftover denim fabrics from our shoe factory to create unique bags.
This collaboration combines true craftmanship and recycled denim materials.

The perfect bags for the true denim lovers.